Our best ever pillow is here!

Duck & Down Feather pillows have been a firm favourite amongst happy sleepers for many years, with that in mind we have invented the ‘DREAM’ Travel pillow, bringing to travellers relaxed and luxurious travelling experience. Just imagine using the ‘Dream’ pillow on a flight – like being home away from home.

The ‘DREAM’ pillow is made from 85% duck feathers and 15% goose down feathers within a 100% cotton satin case, meaning you can be assured of the usual first-class quality you’ve come to expect from our products.

When not in use, the ‘DREAM’ pillow will easily fold down to one third of its full size, in the convenient luxury pouch provided. The pouch comes with an attachment allowing you to connect the compact pillow to you back pack or luggage trolley.

It’s safe to say, nobody else has dreamt up a pillow quite as good as the ‘DREAM’. Travelling will not be the same again. It will be much better with the ‘DREAM’.

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