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10 Tips for Solo Female Travellers


It’s the year 2020 and this means that if you want to travel alone, you should do it! You do YOU! Live your life the way you feel like it!
If it’s your first time travelling solo, the anxiety is totally normal but it shouldn’t stop you if it’s what you feel you need to do to be faithful to your core. The acronym ‘YOLO!’ has never been more true and with that in mind, it’s high time you think of yourself. Sometimes a woman just wants to discover the world…by herself.

If you’re dipping your toes into this whole “travelling solo”, it might seem scary. Don’t let it intimidate you. You will feel freer and bolder after you do it! Start small. Try going first to a cafe alone, then, try a small night out by yourself, but be safe. Next, try working your way up to taking a day trip. Before you know it you’ll be ready to expand your adventure to a neighbouring country. Taking small steps will help to ease you into booking your first big adventure!



Here are 10 tips to help get you started:

#1  John Lennon once said “Life happens while you’re busy planning it” and with that said, sometimes, unforeseen events occur and for those of us with travel anxieties the idea of a situation where you’re forced to travel by yourself may seem terrifying – but don’t panic. Instead, recall another familiar phrase “Fake it until you make it!” rather than letting that anticipatory anxiety take over, use this phrase to push yourself forward with a positive mindset. Side note- if it’s a bigger trip and you have some time, getting travel insurance never hurts either. It’s always best to invest more in being safe. 


#2  You may have conquered your initial fear of travelling solo but remember not to get too cocky. Sometimes playing it safe is better, especially when you are away from home. Remember to stay prepared, it’s never a bad idea to keep a pepper spray on your keychain. If you’re in a hotel you can even bring a portable window alarm. There are a plethora of cute miniature devices to keep you safe.


#3  While you’re getting familiarised with your destination it’s good to start with popular sights and crowded places. Remember you can always adjust the day to how you feel and have the option to continue touring or retire early at your hotel or rental. 


#4  Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize and meet new people. But it’s important to be cautious and not to tell just anyone that you’re travelling alone. 


#5  We’ve all done it once or twice where we’ve gotten a bit carried away at the bar. It happens but when travelling solo it’s crucial to never get drunk and to always ask for help if someone is pestering you. Don’t be afraid to get the bartender, the manager, or a friendly group on the street on board to be safe. 


#6  Avoid looking like a tourist – wearing beachy clothes in a country you know for their conservative fashion – or going about asking people for directions while holding a map. This also protects you from being targeted as a potential pickpocketing victim as well. Try to behave like more of a curious local.


#7  Be active on social media so people know your whereabouts. Also, it’s best to give all your travelling details to a buddy back home – just in case.


#8  Avoid flashing your possessions. Don’t use too many gadgets or wear precious jewelry that can attract thieves.


#9  Have a steady itinerary and try to know some basics of the language, as well as some pre-researched tips so you don’t get ripped off by locals. It’s also important to know where to go or who to call if you get into trouble – police, emergency, consulate. 


#10  Carry everything important with you and make sure to keep these items in front of you, preferably a jacket with zippers on the pockets or at least keep your pocketbook on your front side with the strap diagonally placed across you versus on just your shoulder. Carry copies and stash your papers somewhere else safe – especially if you’re going on a boat. It’s best to carry copies on a cloud system, like Google Drive or Dropbox, too, in case you lose everything. Don’t have all your money in cash, keep something on a card for emergencies. 



In the end, we hope these tips help you, not make you more anxious or paranoid. It’s best to prepare when travelling solo. What are some safe travel habits you’re already practicing? Go to our Facebook page and share your tips



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