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3 Family Holidays Ideas For The Entire Family!


Ahhhh, travelling with the family. It can be a source of joy, it can be a source of irritation – but like all family vacations, it’s a combination of both. We’re here to try and make the joy part more significant, offering three holiday travel ideas that will hopefully make all the family members happy.


The Polar Express Christmas Experience:

Based on the modern classic Christmas film (which itself is based on a 1985 book by the same name), The Polar Express is a train ride that offers an opportunity to become part of the Christmas Magic as it is portrayed in the film. In partnership with Warner Bros., the magical story comes to life when the train departs locations across the US, Canada and the UK for a round-trip to the North Pole. Though the ride is just a one-hour adventure it is definitely worth the trip and a short getaway in a nearby city. 

Once boarding the train you will enjoy the car hosts punching golden tickets as hot chocolate and delicious cookies are served by dancing chefs. Santa and his helpers board the train to greet passengers and each guest is given the first gift of Christmas. Characters on each car lead fantastic on-board entertainment making the film come to life.

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Hershey’s Chocolate Town, Pennsylvania, USA

With over four million (!!!) Christmas lights and special rides opening especially for the holiday season, Hershey’s themed amusement park promises to deliver a family Christmas to remember. 

In addition to the park’s permanent rides, Holiday time offers a special visit to a chocolate house:  a masterpiece made by the students of  Milton Hershey School of Chocolaterie (now that is a school we’d like to go to). Santa and his reindeer become part of the parks’ characters and are in the daily parades, giving you and your kids the opportunity to enjoy the traditional holiday with some SWEET chocolate topping. 

christmas at hersheys park

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Legoland Resort, Windsor, UK

Live the Christmas experience to its fullest at Legoland. Where families get to enjoy the wonders of a theme park, while staying creative with countless Lego bricks to play with. 

Visit the famous all Lego made Christmas tree and the Lego forest, take part in an elf scavenger hunt, meet Father Christmas to get your Lego present and meet the Lego characters all dressed in their holiday season attire for a meet & greet to remember as you wonder at the twinkling lights, snow-dusted pine trees, enjoying the seasonal festivities. 

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Merry Brickmas!


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