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48 Hours in London


London! The hub of anything and everything. As a native I’ve had my fair share of exciting, surprising and memorable experiences. Growing up here was fantastic and even after 20 years of exploring the capital, I still discover new aspects of it each day. With only 48 hours you can still accomplish a lot, so ready your walking shoes, prepare for a distinct lack of sleep with unmatched amounts of enjoyment.

Starting you off on your adventure; Covent Garden is an area located close to the world-renowned Soho district of London. You’ll undoubtedly get to see the hustle and bustle of London that everyone knows, but you’ll be in a fantastic area full of very stylish shops, various independent chains but most importantly the famous Covent Garden Market.



The market hosts a variety of unique street traders offering souvenirs that will give you a taste of London to take home. You can expect to find anything from art to bespoke hand-made goods; therefore, you’ll undoubtedly find something you haven’t seen before. Whilst shopping you can experience the many street shows that are available in this area, with extremely talented performers surprising crowds each hour of the day. After spending some time here, it’s only natural you will have worked up a hunger. Luckily for you, the Covent Garden Market hosts all types of food, so is a great place to experience lots of things in a smallish area!

Moving on with your day, one of the quirkiest places in London is Shoreditch, known for its eccentric style and ecstatic nightlife. During the day, you’ll be greeted by a melting pot of artistic talent, with art quite literally everywhere you go. From street traders to buskers, walking around this part of town offers an authentic taste of the millennial culture within London. Boxpark is a famous attraction in Shoreditch, which is a unique set of food stalls. Each stall is a shipping container which delivers a funky modern industrial vibe. Whether you wish to enjoy some of the delicious street food here, or you wish to take a stroll through, you’ll be delighted.

At night, Shoreditch becomes one of London’s most prominent areas for nightlife, with an abundance of clubs and bars. The famous clubs Cargo and Ace Hotel host regular event catering to all music tastes. Spending the remainder of your evening here, you’ll get a real taste of London’s nightlife whilst having a fantastic time.


After a day of travelling and an evening of good vibes, you must have worked up a hunger for your second day in London. As a food lover, London has been able to satisfy my craving with so many alternative tastes. To get a real taste of London, it’s imperative you visit Beigel Bake in Brick Lane. Featured on the popular Youtube series Munchies, every Londoner has been here at least once and have left very satisfied.


It’s what it says on the tin – A bagel bakery, boasting in-house freshly baked bagels that are to die for. Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Their salt beef is made using a family recipe that’s mind-blowing and is packed generously into a warm bagel. It doesn’t end there! You can enjoy desserts and several other bagel fillings on offer. This spot is somewhere only a Londoner would know and somewhere a tourist must-see. So with lunch out the way, you truly satisfied with a full stomach of deliciousness and more London has to offer, it’s time for our next spot. The notorious Brick Lane. Full of life, street art, buskers and vintage stores galore! As a hotspot for us Londoners, you can expect to see some of the most outstanding fashion in London, with people genuinely embracing themselves, which is beautiful to witness. If you’re looking to try something completely different such as a restaurant that only serves cereal, Brick Lane is the place to be. The vibe in such an unconventional area is phenomenal, and even if you just want to browse, you’ll have an outstanding time. We also can’t mention Brick Lane without mentioning the amazing Curry Houses that fill the street, so if you like a bit of spice this is the place for you!

After a good few hours in Brick Lane, the early evening has just begun, and I have just the place for you. My travels in London have taken me to places I never knew existed and one example would be the very luxurious Scotch of St James. Residing in a discrete alleyway in Mayfair, this gem is a real find for someone seeking to experience the vibe of the west end. With a variety of in-house cocktails and exclusive spirits, you can bump heads with some fascinating characters here.

With these suggestions, I sincerely hope you have a blast as you indulge in the culture of London.




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