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48 Hours in Marrakech, Morocco


Over the past few years, Marrakech has grown greatly in popularity among tourists around the world, securing its place on countless travelling bucket lists due to its charming atmosphere, unforgettable landscapes and the intoxicating blend of European, African and Middle Eastern traditions and cultures.

The constant hustle and bustle of the city can be quite intimidating, which makes it challenging for a thorough exploration. This is why choosing the right time to visit can dramatically transform one’s experience.

The best times of the year to visit are either during spring or fall particularly the months of March, May, and October, November. Marrakech is an extremely hot city and the temperature in these months is comfortable. Moreover, over- tourism isn’t as heavy as it is during summer, which is the most popular time of the year when the weather is harsh and the prices rise to the roof.

Marrakech can be thoroughly enjoyed and lived in 48 hours by making sure to visit the right places at the right time.



Food is the most important and attractive factor in Moroccan culture and Marrakech can offer the best of it.

Make sure to try Moroccan street food and the best location for that is the Medina. These are some “must-try” foods: Msemmen (Moroccan bread), Ma’kouda, Sfinge (donuts), Baissara (soup), Harira (soup), Tagine (hot pot), Harsha and – if you’re brave enough – Moroccan-style cooked snails in a soup!

marrakech street food[image source]


As for restaurants, Dar Moha is the top choice for a full experience of Moroccan cuisine It is run by a man named Mohamed Fedal who turned the place from a graceful riad to an exquisite restaurant.

Al Fassia Gueliz is another choice that offers top-class traditional Moroccan home cooking and is widely popular among locals and tourists alike.




One does not visit Marrakech without walking the dazzling streets of souks (market areas). In this case, souk Semmarine is a must-visit as it is a favourite among locals and tourists. It’s a market full of life which offers countless types of merchandise from colourful clothing and spices, to antiques and leather. Nearly all of the souks are worth visiting and they each excel at selling certain products that they’re known for.

marrakech markets[image source]



Marrakech hosts a myriad number of museums, riads, and exhibits that are worth all of your time as well as other hidden gems that are eager to be explored. Its pumping heart is Jemaa el Fena, a famous square full of all kinds of entertainers and food sellers, especially at night. The nightlife in Marrakech is a whole new world that one cannot fully get to know and will need more than days or weeks to properly experience. The night at Jemaa el Fena attracts hundreds of locals and national and international tourists living the happiest hour of the city. However, it gets rowdy and it might be overwhelming to some. To escape the noise, there is a hidden heaven that welcomes tranquillity seekers and it’s called Jardin Majorelle. It is the production of French artist Jacques Majorelle and it’s a botanical garden and a park containing over 300 species of plants!



le jardin majorelle marrakech[image source]


For even better relaxation, local bathhouses, called Hammam, are the solution. You could find warm massages and cold pool water to relax in. You’ll come out a new person. Guaranteed.



For sightseeing, the architecture of Marrakech’s iconic buildings like Koutoubia Mosque and Ben Youssef Madrasa can fulfil all of your beauty cravings. Other lesser known architecture wonders include the Saadian Tombs, which are tombs that contain members of a Royal family that ruled the Kingdom of Morocco, made of Italian marble and alluring colourful patterns, and Badi Palace which is now in ruins due to the long passing of time but is still as graceful as ever.

saadian tombs[image source]


Lastly, if you still have time on your hands, then be sure to dedicate that time to landscapes outside of the city, especially if you visit during winter where the snow covers the Atlas Mountains and the nation-wide popular ski resort known as Oukaimden comes to life!


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