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5 of the World’s Longest Cruises


We all need a day or two to relax. And who doesn’t love a cruise? Many consider it a perfect high-seas getaway. With the all-inclusive food, drinks, spas, pools, and gorgeous destinations, cruises have something for every traveler. But did you know that some cruises go on for weeks, even months? You can never have too much of a good thing! So, sit back and relax with this list of the world’s longest cruises for when you truly deserve a vacation.


  1. Regent Moments in Time Worldwide Cruise


This action-packed, extensive cruise takes you around the world, starting and ending in Miami, Florida. Perfect for the adventurous, insatiable traveler, this long cruise lasts 132 nights, visits 31 countries, crosses three oceans, and has countless amenities and shore excursions available. The cruise is designed to change your life and provide a lifetime’s worth of travel memories. Some highlights include crossing the Panama Canal, sailing onward to French Polynesia, through Singapore, and then setting your sights on the continent of Asia. Next, sail through the Red Sea to Egpyt, where you will spend a few days visiting the iconic pyramids, and it’s off the Mediterranean! Finally, after a few days of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and enjoying 24-hour entertainment, you will find yourself a seasoned traveler back in Miami. Book now for 2024!


  1. Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise


Brace yourself for the ultimate adventure! This worldwide cruise is for serious travelers. The Ultimate World Cruise lasts 274 nights which you will touchdown in over 60 countries. This cruise also includes a visit to eleven wonders of the world, including the Great Wall of China, Iguaza Falls in Argentina, Petra in Jordan, and the Great Pyramids in Egypt. So if you are an intrepid photographer, curious foodie, or relishing the ultimate romantic getaway, this cruise has it all. Eat authentic pizza in Italy, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, or unearth history at the Coliseum. You will even be able to experience Antarctica, so pack for all weather conditions. This cruise will take you to the most breathtaking places on the planet, and you will be cruising there in style, no less!


  1. Viking World Cruise


The Viking World Cruise is an epic of discovery. The cruise lasts 138 days, and you will traverse 28 countries and attend almost sixty guided tours provided by the cruise line. Begin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sail southward to Costa Rica, and go East to Hawaii, where you will attend a Luau and relax in the lush beauty of their natural beaches. Feel the breeze in your hair as you set sail on the Pacific Ocean! Next, arrive in New Zealand, where you will marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty of the scenery and learn about the island’s rich culture. All aboard for the trip North to Asia, where you will tan on the beaches of the Philippines. Then, enjoy the food throughout Thailand and India. Continue East throughout the Mediterranean for a few weeks and end your trip in London, England. The fare starts shy of 60,000 dollars, but the journey of a lifetime is worth every penny!


  1. Seabourn: 2023 World Cruise: Extraordinary Discoveries


This Seabourn cruise traces the globe, visiting 27 countries and 58 ports, and lasts 140 days. Feast at a Gala dinner in Miami before your departure and chow down at the banquets available daily. Discover the Polynesia Islands and tan on the beaches of Tahiti. Soothe yourself in the comfort of their luxury resorts during an overnight stay and depart southwards towards The Cape of Good Hope on the tip of Africa. Explore multiple ports in Australia where you can surf, snorkel, and scuba dive in the clear blue waters. Finally, visit Morocco and romp through the vibrant, colorful street markets. Pause and bask in the view of the most idyllic harbors on this long cruise. Just be sure to bring a camera and take plenty of pictures! This cruise includes plenty of options for gourmet dining onboard, so save some room for authentic cuisine from around the world!


  1. Cunard: The Centenary World Voyages


This unique worldwide cruise departs from Hamburg, Germany, and returns to the same port 105 days later. You will be entertained with on-ship live performances, the main dining hall, and a gourmet dining hall. You will travel from Germany, through England, and then across the Atlantic to New York, New York. Within a few weeks, you will bury your toes in the warm sands of Aruba and dance the night away in their various clubs. Next, cut through the Panama Canal, surf in Hawaii, and then make your way to French Polynesia to learn about their rich culture. This long, worldwide cruise is the most cost friendly, starting at around 20,000 USD. But a lifetime of memories is priceless!


Final Thoughts


If you are ready to embark on the adventure of your life, worldwide cruises are an excellent place to start. Satiate your curiosity for foreign cultures and new cuisine, and witness the world’s wonders. Your itinerary is provided for, food and entertainment are taken care of, and you are in the capable hands of seasoned travelers. What can be better than that? So pack your bags, and set sail to discover what the world is truly made of!


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