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5 Reasons to Take a Folding Bag When Travelling (+ Giveaway!)


Travelling often means that by now you have mastered the art of light packing. Ahhhh, the relief of travelling with a trolley and not having to wait for a suitcase ever again. But, sometimes reality comes back to check how you’re doing – and that’s when a folding bag, expanding bag, double duffle or whatever you want to call it (we call it a real life saver!) comes in handy. It comes as a small folded pocket and expands up to XXL size, so you can literally fit yourself in for a quick power nap!




And since we love our folding bags SO much, we wanted to share the love – and life hack – and give two lucky winners a folding bag to enjoy! Scroll down to learn more.


Here are our five reasons to take a folding bag when travelling:

1.  They save you from overweight situations: use it to get rid of that excess weight. Just take out the excess items from that exploding luggage and move them into your folding bag in a flash

To the land of the unknown luggage weight [Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash]


2. Shopping! They serve as shopping bags, helping you save the planet by using a reusable bag rather than plastic.


3. Laundry Bag:  So you’re packing to go home after a great trip. We all know the not-so-clean laundry is always an issue while packing. Folding bag to the rescue again!  


4. Give your kid a bag to travel with: Kids love feeling like adults. Carrying their own bag is a great way to make them feel that way. It may seem like just a bag but it can actually make a child feel responsible and equally treated


5. Day trips best accessory: A folding bag uses very little space and is just what you need for a short day trip. Whether you choose a folding backpack or a folding shopping bag, you will have just what’s needed for a day out without schlepping around all that unnecessary stuff we tend to carry around. 


And now… for the fun part!

Follow the instructions below to enter a chance to win a Travel Blue 30L folding shopping bag – your life’s next upgrade 🙂

travel blue folding shopping bag



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!

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