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6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Any Destination


Traveling should be fun and exciting, allowing you to discover more of the places you go. Yet so many people pack their itineraries full from the moment the sun rises until it’s time for bed. Now that things are opening back up again, here’s a better way to make the most of any destination you visit.

These 6 tips will help you plan for the best experience as you resume your travels!


Check out the local culture

Of course, you HAVE TO see those landmarks. If you’re not staying long, you’ll need to pick and choose the ones most important on your list. But after that, don’t lurk in the tourist areas. See where the locals go and get a taste of their way of life.


Try the food

While it’s true that there’s no place like home, eating the same things you always eat will do nothing for your experience. Cuisine from around the world brings us all closer together. And you may just find that you’ll fall head over heels for a dish in another land, prompting you to take a cooking class so you can make it once you get back home.


Go off the beaten path

Some of the best sights you’ll see may not even be on any tour or landmark list. Consider exploring parks and nature in the places you visit, heading to markets, art studios, bookstores, or even performances at local colleges. It’s another way to make wonderful memories you’ll always treasure from your travels.


Take a walking tour

Get your exercise and walk off all that delicious food on your trip while seeing everything there is to see. While those bus tours are tempting, allowing you to hop on and off at different points, you’re mostly driving by it all without stopping. Sometimes, you even spend more time waiting for one of the buses to come than you anticipated. Instead, sign up for a walking tour. You’ll get a more detailed look at your destination and the landmarks led by someone that is passionate about their city. Even better, a walking food tour will give you a taste of the local food scene.

Let your interests lead the way

Whatever your interests are, let them inspire what you do at the destinations you visit. Try a dance class, cooking class, or craft workshop. There are so many ways to incorporate your interests, even in a new land.


Don’t forget to simply just… be

Sometimes, you need to let your feet lead the way. Talk to people waiting in line with you when it feels right. Walk to the bridge you see in the distance and look out over the water. When something beckons, answer that call! You just may discover what will ultimately be the best memory from your trip!


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