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A Treat in Mexico City


It was a hot summer day and while touring around Mexico City, the guide took us to this hidden gem tucked among a row of shops. Identified by the colourful graffiti art on its wall, Nieves 100% Artesanales, is a small cosy sherbet shop that was the perfect answer to a hot sweltering day.

People are often confused between sherbet (pronounced as “shuh-but”) and sorbet. Both are both refreshing icy treats, but they’re not exactly the same. Sherbet is a similar preparation to sorbet, but with a form of added dairy product.

In this shop, you can choose from the different colourful sherbet flavours in the stainless steel vessels. Made fresh daily with natural ingredients, the owner rotates the choices for the day among standard favourites and Seasonal flavours – Lemon, Tangy Mango, Mezcal, cherries…

Extremely delicious and so reasonably priced, it is a wonderful memory to take away from this colourful bustling Mexico City.

Nieves 100% Artesanales

197 República de Uruguay

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