Halloween Special: Dressed Up Airplanes


What’s that thing up in the sky?! It’s a bird? It’s a plane? Well, yes, it is. It’s fun to see that dressing up isn’t limited for people and pets, airplanes do that too!
Aircraft livery is the technical term of giving the plane’s exterior a paint job and these are getting more and more creative, colorful and funky. Here are some cool examples just in time for Halloween (just remember, it’s all about “Chicken or Beef?”, not “Trick or Treat”):


aircraft livery ANA starwars
All Nippon Airways’ plane here wins the best “costume” with its Star Wars R2-D2 livery


aircraft livery air alaska
Alaska Airlines feature the Incredibles family, with Elastic Girl’s arm reaching out (to open the cabin compartment 6 rows infront of her)


aircraft livery azores airlines
Azores’ claim to being one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world so it’s no wonder Azores Airlines plane features a Blue Sperm Whale


aircraft livery png
PNG Air’s livery was designed to reflect Papua New Guinea’s diversity and the traditional iconography of its people


eva air hello kitty
Eva Air’s Hello Kitty and friends adventure


Icelandair’s nothern light livery design


Did you ever get to fly on one of these planes? We’d love to share your photos!


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