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Best Apps for Travellers


We’ve gathered the top five apps travellers recommend  and work with. They’ll save you time, headache and trouble. Here they are:



Preparing for a trip never seemed so easy! Packtor is a packing checklist generator.

All you need to do is go with the app’s flow and fill in all the info regarding your trip, including destination, number of people travelling, time of year and so on.

The app allows you to share and check off items on your list, putting an end to hand written checklists and to endless“what did I forget” concerns.



This itinerary organiser is all you need to get your trip to come together in an organised and easy to control way.

TripIt automatically collects travel information based on confirmation messages you receive via email after you book something, keeping all your information in one easy to access and handle platform. It doesn’t matter where you make the reservations, TripIt just takes care of the rest — organising everything in to an always-accessible itinerary, including real time alerts regarding flights. Cool.

tripit app



Wifi Map

No more worries about being offline for too long! The app scans your surroundings for live wifi hotspots, as well as showing you the way to get to the desired spot.

It also operates as a mini social network, allowing sharing of available networks, network reviews and passwords on Facebook.

wifimap app



Lounge Buddy

Find available airport lounges for your next flight or layover. Lounge Buddy provides info about services (photos included) and booking options regarding airport lounges worldwide, making it possible for even the simplest traveller to have a VIP airport experience.

loungebuddy app



Hotel Tonight

Planning ahead for your trip is great, but sometimes life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. Hotel Tonight is an app made for finding a last minute hotel. The company partners with hotels and offers deals on last minute vacancies, making an unplanned need for a room for the night not as overpriced as we expect it to be (hey, you can actually book 100 days ahead). You’re going to LOVE this app, trust us.

hotel tonight app


Wishing you great travels and an APPY new year!



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