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Best Christmas Markets in Europe


If you’re planning to live out your winter wonderland dream this Christmas, touring the beautiful continent of Europe whilst visiting the most spirited of holiday markets, you’re likely in the middle of researching the best markets to check off your must-see list.

Sound like you? Great, you’ve come to the right place!

From amazing chalets to light-covered cobblestone streets, Europe is unique in that it offers a wide variety of atmospheric environments, some warm and sunny, others frigid and white.

Withstanding its endless destinations and activities to boot, Europe is also known for its hundreds of world-renowned Christmas markets that tourists and locals alike can enjoy.

Need some inspiration? Well, look no further because below are the top 5 Christmas markets to visit in 2022 that will surely make your winter wonderland getaway that much sweeter.

Let’s ho-ho-hop right into it, shall we?!


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Top 4 European Christmas Markets of 2022

Whether you’re visiting Germany, Hungary, France, Sweden, Estonia, or anywhere in between, there’s no shortage of Christmas markets to be visited in Europe. To narrow down your search, however, we’ve compiled a top-four list for you to indulge in.

Hopefully, what follows will make your itinerary planning that much easier this holiday season! Without further ado, the top four Christmas markets in Europe in 2022…

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  1. Markt der Engel in Cologne, Germany

Not lacking in holiday Christmas markets, Germany is often argued as the primary destination for all things Christmas. This doesn’t come as a surprise, for it’s a country with one of the oldest-standing markets in Europe.

Among its most popular is Markt Der Engel located in Cologne, Germany; a fan favourite, offering a plethora of magical moments comprising light shows, musical memories, elaborate holiday exhibits, and of course, Old St. Nick’s Village.

Translated to Market of Angels, this German Christmas market is most known for the mythical actors that stroll the market, interacting with welcomed visitors throughout. If you’re lucky, you just might meet the Winter Queen herself!


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  1. The Advent Feast in Budapest, Hungary

Amidst the most beautiful square the city has to offer, The Advent Feast in Budapest, Hungary is often deemed the most impressive of Christmas Markets that Europe has to offer. It’s even been named “The Most Beautiful Christmas Market in Europe” twice in the last three years!

This comes as no surprise, of course, for its architectural surroundings alone make for a magical enough experience. Its beauty, however, doesn’t stop there but rather continues with its delicious gastronomic offerings, its atmospheric exhibits, and its nostalgic musical programs.

As for its most notable of features, its 3D light show comes to mind; a show of entertainment that can be enjoyed romantically whilst you skate to your heart’s content on their very own outdoor ice rink!

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  1. Metz Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France

Known as France’s Capital of Christmas, Metz Christmas Market located in Strasbourg is no stranger to the holidays, voted amongst the best Christmas markets in Europe 10 years in a row.

From engaging holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy to 5-star chalets and fine-dining experiences to indulge in, Metz Christmas Market doesn’t disappoint, no matter your age.

Welcoming upwards of 2 million visitors annually, it has had to get creative over the years. Unlike other European markets, Metz Christmas Market spreads its extraordinary offerings across five separate sites inclusive of the historic Place Saint Louis and the iconic Place de la Republique!

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  1. The Liseberg Christmas Market in Gothenburg, Sweden

Last but certainly not least is the Liseberg Christmas Market located in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden. Touted as the classiest of European Christmas markets, the Liseberg Christmas Market is an open-air market that provides a unique atmosphere often dubbed as its own enchanted world of worlds.

From its famous outdoor ice arena to its jam-packed shopping strip, it seems as though every day is Christmas Day when exploring the village that is The Liseberg Christmas Market.

Wishing you Happy Holidays! Which is your favorite christmas market?

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