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Do’s and Don’ts When Packing For A Winter Vacation


Packing for a vacation is never easy and things can get trickier with each new rule. Is it cold too? Can you bring big luggage or only a carry-on? Don’t fret about it, simplify! We’ve prepared a guide of do’s and don’ts when packing for a winter vacation to let you enjoy the prospect of a holiday rather than stress.


If you want to enjoy your time, not wait in line and wreck your mind what to do if your baggage doesn’t travel with you, save your money and bring a carry-on. This is the first and biggest piece of advice for you. Invest in 10 pieces and bring quality over quantity. Merino wool, cotton, flannel are some materials that should be on your mind.


Since it’s cold, try to wear as many things on you as you can, especially that bulky sweater – you know what we’re talking about. This means all your outer gear too, for example, a beanie, gloves, scarf and coat. Don’t forget about comfy boots that don’t set off airport security alarms.


If you’re sticking to the 10 items rule, things are even simpler. Put aside what you’re wearing – you should be wearing half of your luggage – this leaves us with: another pair of shoes, another sweater, 2 tees, 2 long sleeve shirts, another pair of socks, another pair of trousers, pjs and underwear.


Now, in your luggage, try to have a lot of thin items that you can layer. Think fleece items, long sleeves, t-shirts, tanks, socks, warm thermal leggings and waterproof pants. Having options means you can mix and match a new look each day. Stick to neutrals like white, black, grey, blue and maybe a few burgundy (or flashy yellows!) items if you have bigger luggage.

Another key piece of advice is to pack what you need, no extra fluff. If you’re staying longer than a week, wash your clothes where you live. Of course, if you do bring a bigger suitcase, opt for one or two elegant options if you’re planning to go out at night. Your daily outfits with some precious jewellery will also work.

When it comes to packing, to save space, search “Marie Kondo” online and you’ll see she has a style of rolling and folding which does miracles. It’s important to take advantage of the empty space in shoes or between different items.

Cosmetics take up a lot of space. If you need special items, pack them in smaller containers. If you use classic things, buy them at the destination. It’s best if you bring creams and medicine as you might find it harder to get at your destination.

One last piece of advice, because winter brings a lot of dirt, make sure you travel with some bags to put your dirty clothes when you return home, in case laundry isn’t on your mind during a vacation.


Safe travels!

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