Travel Tips

Our best ever pillow is here!


The secret to a good flight experience is being able to sleep through it, or just rest really, really well. What if you could feel like you’re sleeping in your own bed, while being on a flight (we’re not talking First Class, that’s a different story).

Well, your dreams (ha ha) have come true – we have created the ‘DREAM’ Travel Pillow Collection, bringing to travellers relaxed and luxurious travelling experience.

The ‘DREAM’ pillows are made from 83% duck feathers and 17% down feathers within a 100% cotton satin case, meaning you can be assured of the usual first-class quality you’ve come to expect from our products, no matter what your row number is.

You’re going to love them so much, you probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere without them. In the (rare) cases when they would not be in use, the ‘DREAM’ pillows will easily fold down to one third of their full size, into a puch with an attachment, allowing you to connect the compact pillow to you back pack or luggage trolley.

Good night!



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