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How to Charge Your Phone Faster at the Airport


Picture this scenario. You are at the airport with a 5-hour flight ahead of you. You check your phone and notice that you forgot to charge the phone before you left home. Your phone has the Kindle app with your books, 4 episodes of your favourite TV series downloaded, and a couple of games. No phone means five hours of staring at the seatback in front of you and listening to the person next to you snore.

You only have an hour before you need to board, how to get the maximum charge into your device?


1)    Switch off your phone while charging. The phone switched off allows the battery to charge faster than if it must deliver power to the phone at the same time. If you absolutely must have it on to receive calls or texts, then place the phone into low battery mode and lock the screen to minimize battery usage while charging.

2)    If you have an iPhone 6 or later, use your iPad charger to charge the phone. The 2.1-amp iPad charger delivers charge faster than the 1-amp iPhone charger. It is essential to only use certified chargers in this way, either from Apple or a reputable manufacturer as cheap knock-offs can damage your phone or battery.

3)    A USB 3 charger delivers charge faster to most new phones that use the USB cable as standard. It delivers up to 1.5-amps, and if your phone supports this, it charges your phone faster than USB 2.

4)    Plug your device into a wall socket, don’t use your laptop. Again, the amps delivered are much higher, and your phone recharges much faster.

5)    Use a fast charge power bank. Not all power banks are created equal. Look for a fast charge power bank that delivers the maximum amps that your device can handle to minimize the charging time.

6)    Remove the case and keep the phone cool. Heat impacts battery performance. Keeping your phone in a cool place while charging and removing and thick cases may deliver improved charging performance.


The first choice is arriving at the airport with 100% charge, but if you do find yourself in a jam, these tips will help you to get to the end credits of your movie on the flight.



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