Life Hacks: Cosy Neck Pillows for Colder Days


Winter is coming. At last! And it’s bringing with it some great innovations in one of the most loved travel accessories, that no traveller will leave the home without. Designed to provide extra support and enable better sleep, the neck pillow has come a long way since it was first introduced and just when it seemed like we had seen all that there is to see in the neck pillow comfort zone, new pillows are thrown our way – like feathers in a pillow fight. 

So why use a neck pillow only when travelling?! Why not keep ourselves warm and cosy even when we go out to buy milk? We’re all for starting a neck pillow movement – like the New York subway No-Pants day, but with neck pillows! And pants!

We at Travel Blue are always working to develop comfort products that actually work and we are more than excited to introduce two new neck pillows that may change the way you travel.

In case you are one of those travellers that “really don’t need that silly neck pillow”, these new GREAT pillows will change your mind and your life’s level of comfort:


The Hooded Tranquillity Pillow

Using the proven Memory Foam Technology, this new innovative pillow is the only one that keeps on giving you comfort. The Hooded Tranquillity Pillow is actually three products combined into one: a neck pillow, a hoodie and an eye mask. Just what a person in need of comfort and some rest needs whether during a flight or a subway ride. The pillow also has a built in storage pocket making it soooo easy to keep your hoodie clean and easy to travel with. 

hooded neck pillow


The Massage Tranquillity Pillow

It’s one of those products you see and say – “how come I didn’t think about that before?” Enjoy the luxury of a relaxing neck massage wherever you are with the Memory Foam Massage Pillow! Equipped with a three speed system, the Massage Tranquillity Pillow will let you control just the right massage speed you need. It’s ergonomically designed, it’s cosy and it’s the reason your way to work and back (or travels) will be different from now on.



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Happy Travels!



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