People of Travel Blue

People of Travel Blue: Eli Fel


We’re happy to continue our #PeopleofTravelBlue corner, and today introduce Eli Fel 


Q:Hi Eli, thanks for making time to share your travel tips. First, What is your title at Travel Blue?

A: Managing Director, Travel Blue Germany


Q: Where are you from?

A: Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, living since many years in Hamburg, Germany


Q: What is your favourite destination?

A: Tel Aviv


Q: What is your favourite airport?

A: Hamburg Airport – elegant, not too big and “my Gate” to the world


Q: What is a must on your travelling packing checklist?A: Powerbank and cables for my iPhone


Q: What do you book for yourself? Aisle or window seat?A: Window


Q: What is your “insider’s secret” that you can recommend, either at your current city or anywhere around the world?
A: Visit Hamburg and go for sailing on the Alster-Lake in the city centre – the best way to experience Hamburg

Eli, we know the pillow’s the best, but you have to let go!

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