People of Travel Blue

People of Travel Blue: Kentaro Tajima


You probably know our products by now. It’s time to know the people behind the products and the brand. With offices around the world, and thousands of accumulated air travel hours, we are certain that we can share some tips and insiders travel info that are priceless!


We’re happy to start this section by introducing our very own Kentaro Tajima, modeling our travel pillow here at the Tokyo airport.


Q:Hi Kentaro, Nice to meet you. What is your title?

A: Travel Retail Representative, Japan


Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Tokyo, Japan


Q: What is your favourite destination?

A: Just like any other Japanese, I like to visit Hawaii

We understand why!


Q: What is your favourite airport?

A: I like Incheon Airport (Seoul, South Korea). It’s a huge airport and we can really enjoy shopping there


 Q: What do you book for yourself? Aisle or window seat?

A: I prefer to sit aisle side since I can make quick action when I want to stand up


 Q: What is your “insider’s secret” that you can recommend, either at your current city or anywhere around the world?

I recommend the Sushi restaurant called Midori here in Tokyo. Their sushi is really good and reasonably priced





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