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Summer Festival 2018 Packing Guide


It’s festival season and people all over the world are preparing their sequinned garments, feathered head pieces or tassled jackets – depending on their music (and personal) style.

If you’re among the lucky ones to take the time off and enjoy an unforgettable combination of music, people, art and perfect Instagram moments, you want to make sure that wherever you’re going, your mind will be peaceful, and your items will be safe.

And so we teamed with the amazing founders of Festivalia, your one-stop-shop for unique festival clothing and accessories from all over the world, to create the Summer Festival 2018 Packing Guide:



Going for a pop vibe at your next festival? The future is calling – and it wants you. Don your funky metallics, glitter accessories and skin-tight patterned catsuits and sparkle the day and night away.


pop festivals outfits

From left to right: Printed Catsuit, Pink Sequin Bolero, Turquoise Mens Leggings, Holographic Bomber Jacket


Don’t Forget:

The Ultimate Eye Mask that can function both as a custom accessory (hello, you pop fly) and as its original use – a super effective eye mask when you need to give your eyes a rest from the neon shiny sparkling scenes


Consider adding the Safe Belt to your outfit, so you could just walk around with your money in an inner side compartment and your joy in your heart.





When going to an indie festival, you’d want to put yourself in the right mind-set – mentally and physically that is. Go for earthy hues and ethnic touches with colorful beads and feathers.  From striking headpieces to knit ponchos, lose yourself in your tribal nature


indie music festival outfits

Left to right: The Believer Printed Coat, Embroided Poncho, Jacket with Tassels, Shell and Feather Collar


Don’t Forget:

A Travel Size Sewing Kit which will come in so handy if any of these beads and knits will be tangled in the less nicer side of Mother Earth

We love nature, but sun burns are awful. Avoid the lobsterish look and pack your tanning lotion – we recommend having a Toiletry Bag dedicated for that





Get inspired by the best historical looks when going to a rock music festival. The ‘60s and ‘70s style is the best style to wear when crowd surfing and dancing in the mud. These Bohemian style caftans, flower crowns and flare never get old in our book

Left to right: Hot Pink Velvet Cut Jacket, Vintage 1979 Men’s Army Jacket, Stars and Stripes Flared Piper Trousers, Pink and Blue Striped Duster


Don’t Forget:

Take The Micro Bag with you in your pocket, and open it to its full size when you need somewhere to store your muddy clothes

Be romantic and enjoy listening to music together using the Dual Music Adaptor  . It’ll be such a wonderful story to tell the grandkids




Electronic music festival goers generally go for the heavier duty pieces, or “armour” if you’d like. Black feathers, metallic leggings and the other necessary battle gear are attire

Left to right: Black Gypsy Lace Top, Men’s Black Feather Leather Lapels, Deep Sea Green Sequin Tailcoat, Black Holographic Bodysuit


Don’t Forget:

A super light yet strong USB Power Bank Charger for your mobile phone – easily slip it into your pocket to enjoy the juice after all these hours of dancing

If you want to make sure your delicate garment’s feathers don’t all mess up while traveling to the festival, avoid the confused hen look and go for the I woke up like this dark, glam royalty using the Clothes Organizer




All images courtesy of Festivalia

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