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The Stuff you must STOP Packing for your vacation


As all travellers know, the world (meaning the World Wide Web) is full of tips telling you what you should pack for your next adventure. What most travellers also know is that there are some items they – well, we – keep on taking along with us when going on vacation that are – and there is no nice way to put it – completely useless…

We’ve asked frequent travellers what are the items they keep taking and keep bringing back home unused, what’s space consuming and heavier than their actual weight, so we can make the great list of What Not to Pack.



Too Many Shoes

We all love shoes, but let’s be honest… at the end of the day when travelling we are all about comfort, lightweight and “smaller is better”.

Options are great, but when shoes are concerned – keep it to minimum. Make your outfit choices according to the shoes you’re taking on your trip and not the other way around. Don’t be tempted to take those great shoes you’ll need for a ‘night out on the town”, if you find yourself in a true need of ”going out” shoes… just buy a pair at your destination you will at least carry that pair one way only 🙂

We really recommend sneakers – they’re comfortable, fashionable and they’re the perfect solution if you need to dress up or down  

waaaayyyy too much stuff here

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A Towel

Towels take up so much space and once used take forever to dry. If you’re going to stay at a hotel or a B&B you obviously won’t be needing your own towel. If backpacking, there are fast drying towels (mostly known as Yoga towels), which take very little space and are as lightweight as any towel can ever be. 



Camera Gear

Unless you are a professional photographer (or an eager amateur photographer) who’s going on vacation mainly to take pictures, leave the large expensive camera gear at home. Even “camera gear lovers” will tell you, though they might not say it out in public, that the heavy lenses and SLRs are not a must. We use our smartphones to capture and preserve the most important moments of our lives… Why should going on vacation change that?

Still not convinced? There are two options here – either you find a great camera case which will also serve as your daily bag, or find a small camera you can easily fit into your day bag – that plus a good quality camera phone should definitely do the trick.




Well, books are HEAVY! And heavy is never what we are aiming for when travelling. If you’re an “old school” travel er and you love preparing for your trip using a book – that’s great, as long as you leave behind that guide book when leaving for your vacation. Make lists on your smartphone, bring along a (very) small notebook, add your vacation to your online calendar, add important spots on Google Maps, and if you’re an app lover… find the right app to get all the necessary information online. 



Extra Toiletries

Take with you just the minimum amount of shampoo, soap or toothpaste you’ll need for the first day or two and buy more as you go along. With the strict TSA regulations regarding carrying liquids, “no extra shampoo” is really the only way to pack.



“Just In Case” Clothing Items

Calling items “just in case” items is, as we all know, another way of calling them “things I will never use”. Don’t spend time picking those items to pack for your trip. Don’t waste time stuffing them into your luggage. Don’t spend expensive luggage weight and space on these items. Save yourself the bad feeling you’ll have not buying that great hat or print you wanted to bring back home just because that “great shirt I love” was taking up all the space and has not been used even once on your holiday.


no need to take the plant, it’ll manage.

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Happy Travelling!


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