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Top 10 Unique Ski Vacations For 2020


There comes a time in a skier’s life when they want to try something different. The same old slopes won’t cut it anymore. So, for 2020 we’ve prepared an easy guide with our top 10 unique ski vacations to take your hobby to the next level.


#1 Vitosha Mountain | Sofia | Bulgaria – skiing at night

Ski season starts around the winter holidays. That’s when Vitosha Mountain in Sofia, Bulgaria, comes to life and awaits your winter gear. This is a unique experience even during the day – the view is spectacular and you can go with the whole family to explore, even small children – but it especially comes alive during the night. What’s more, ski resorts are open until middle of March if you want to try it out.


#2 Zinal x Grimentz | Switzerland – skiing alone

Some people want “unique” to come with lots of glitz and excitement. Others want it to bring empty slopes that they can conquer. Zinal and Grimentz is the perfect cocoon for you. It has traditional charm, better prices and no crowds. All that fresh snow is yours to try!


#3 Courchevel | France – skiing on the largest domain

If you’re into skiing these names aren’t new to you, but you can’t make a unique ski vacation guide and not mention a few of the top slopes in the world. Courchevel is part of Les 3 Vallees region in France, the world’s largest alpine ski domain. It’s the perfect spot to go exploring off the slope or do some tree skiing.


#4 Cortina D’Ampezzo | Italy – ski with celebrities

Europe has a lot of slopes to offer and this is another top destination. The Dolomites are abundant in ski resorts for every budget out there, but this area is small, discreet and packed with celebrities like George Clooney. This is one of the best places to go travelling with an extended family as there’s something to do for any age.


#5 Niseko | Japan – skiing on a volcano

If you want to discover the world, Asians resorts are waiting for you. Niseko offers four interlinked ski resorts with slopes on a volcano – Mt. Yotei or “Hokkaido’s Mt Fuji”. This is one unique experience. You’ll get your adventurous off-track slopes, but also luxurious hot spring spas. Prepare for low temperatures.

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#6 Jackson Hole | America – skiing somewhere new each time

If you want to be a great skier, you have to try these slopes. If you want to make it a life challenge, try skiing on every continent. There are many slopes in North America you should try out, but between Vail and Aspen, there’s Jackson Hole. This is perfect for families, but also adventurers trying out remote parts to ski on.


#7 Afriski | Lesotho | South Africa – skiing outside during summer

If you’re looking for new places to explore, this is one unique spot. South Africa doesn’t come to mind when thinking about winter sports, but Afriski offers two slopes to conquer another continent. What’s interesting is that you can ski during summer months, from June to August.


#8 Ski Dubai | Dubai – skiing indoors

If you want to try something new, all year round, then Dubai has the perfect slope for you: indoor. Yes, in the middle of the hot desert, there’s a ski place with ski slope, snow park and even its very own colony of penguins. Ski Dubai offers one of the biggest spaces for skiers to practice their skills. This is great if you’re going to take part in a contest and you want a safe environment to try out a new trick.


#9 Monte Kaolino | Germany – skiing on quartz

Some might think this is a bit weird, but there’s a place in the world where snow isn’t necessary for skiing. On Monte Kaolino you can ski on quartz sand. From April to October you can have one of the biggest rides of your life and (bonus!) it’s not that cold.


#10 St. Anton | Austria

Last, but definitely not least, this is the place where the first ski club was created in the Alps back in 1901. This spot offers some of the trickiest slopes, a challenge even for professionals, and the best bars winter sports fans have ever seen.



Happy 2020!



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