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Social isolation makes us all stay at home. If you’re stuck indoors, don’t fret, these will make you a digital globe trotter…the safe way.

Today, thanks to technology, famous museums and historical organizations offer virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Being restricted to four walls has never been this fun. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a couch potato. We bring the tech destinations, you make sure you’re safe, with enough supplies for the entire “trip” and a good wi-fi connection. Enjoy it!



Did you always want to visit New York during the spring? Now you get the chance. Of course, you can visit museums and streets on Google, but also on EarthCam.


Have you ever seen Times Square THIS empty?


Google Arts & Culture offers 1000+ culture-rich international destinations 

Watch culture online, as Google Arts & Culture partnered up with 1000+ museums and galleries around the globe for online exhibitions. MoMA in New York, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The National Gallery in London, and Palace of Versailles, to name a few, offer beautiful collections that await to be discovered. Start your trip outside the museum or check out the Open Heritage page, then travel inside to whatever you want to discover.

Nope, it’s not Google Earth view. It’s an extreme zoom on Girl With a Pearl Earring!


NASA videos and Kids’ Club

If you’re interested in what’s outside Planet Earth, NASA’s ultra-high definition videos are for you. Of course, you can catch their special events live on the platform, too. What’s more, if you need to entertain children, they have an amazing array of activities for them.

The moon. We’re in Awe.


Explore live cams for animal lovers

If panda cameras are too restrictive for you, there are live cameras all around the globe. Discover them with It’s amazing where you can travel with technology these days. You can go to Africa or underwater, you can pick a theme each week and never get bored.

When was the last time you saw an eagle this close?


Safe (from home) Travels!



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