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Vacation Guide: Winter in Mexico


Get a playlist started, we love “Down in Mexico” by The Coasters, open that flight app, pack your bags and let the Tequila fiesta begin! There’s nothing more soul-warming than a winter spent down in Mexico. The country has a lot to offer, from culture and natural beauty to mouth-watering tacos.

Mexico is an impressive country, each corner more attractive than the next. A lot of travellers opt to lounge on the beaches of Cancun, but Mexico City has a lot to offer for both history lovers and party animals.

There aren’t a lot of countries tourists can check off when it comes to an array of parties –  family vacations, romantic getaways, hen and stag parties – but Mexico has everything all year round. If winter is not for you the country awaits your visit during spring break. A winter spent in Mexico is best planned ahead. When it comes to the luggage, the smaller the better so you don’t stress over it. Mexico offers deals for any pocket out there: budget-friendly, explorer-oriented and luxurious.



Top 10 reasons to visit Mexico

Mexico is the perfect country for extended travel as you’ll never get bored. It has both mountains and beaches; it also dazzles with old towns in the mountains, like Guanajuato, and modern bars on popular beaches like Cozumel. The north has a lot of deserts, the Yucatan Peninsula is all about the sea and beaches, the south has the jungle, as for the Pacific side – that’s all humid and hot.


Mexico City offers the best view when it comes to the diversity of the country. Here you’ll find different type of tourists, but also locals you can learn from. As for the animals, there are some almost extinct species that will make your trip worthwhile.


Mexico City has one of the biggest airports in the world and public transportation is crowded but doable. Of course, if you want you can get a taxi, prices don’t go that high.


Mexico has the best food in the world, from juicy fruits to dried chilaquiles, from sweet churros to spicy chillies, there’s something for every taste out there.


You can actually pick and choose the type of travel you want based on the food. If you’re looking for hangover meals, stick to the Yucatan Peninsula, if you want more seafood, opt for Sinaloa and if you want to go deep into the traditional carne asada then travel north.



Although there are a lot of buildings everywhere in Mexico, they still favour parks and green sanctuaries. Take some time off each day to enjoy nature. Chapultepec Park awaits your visit in Mexico City, for example.


Mexico is all about the people and the parties, but if you want some quiet time, there are small islands like Holbox you can discover by bike or buggy.


And since we’re talking about the people, although many speak English and you will know some Spanish words, the people are so welcoming and friendly that you’ll all understand each other.


You can visit this country once for the popular places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Mayan city of Chichen Itza, Gudalajara or Oaxaca; but also for some downtime in Riviera Nayarit, Baja California Sur, Costa Maya, Manzanillo, or Yelapa.


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Last, but definitely not least, if you’re a quiet person looking for some history, Mexico is a must at least once in your lifetime. You can travel up and down the country for pieces of Mesoamerican or indigenous culture, but you can also find a lot of interesting details in museums all around the country.


Viajes Felices!


[images source: unsplash]

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