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Where to Travel in December: Extravagant Christmas Trees Around the World


December is right around the corner, bringing with it the cold winter and the warm holiday spirits. For many of us, it’s not a Christmas without the proper Christmas tree to truly get us into the holiday spirit. Some individuals take the Christmas Tree issue to the next level – we’ve all had that neighbour with an over-the-top tree in the front yard! We are here to introduce you to some of the most extravagant Christmas Trees around the world – trees which not only redefine the Christmas spirit, but also potential holiday vacation changers as you may want to change your holiday plans just for the opportunity to Wow in real life!!


Prague – Czech Republic:

From 30th November 2019 to 6th January 2020

Holiday time in Prague is as romantic as it gets. It’s an opportunity to enjoy Prague’s beautiful attractions under the white snow and to admire Prague’s huge Christmas tree, which towers more than 22m  (72 feet) above its old city. This old-style tree may not be one of the biggest trees in the world but it is absolutely magnificent! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go skating at the ice rink, which is located just under the tree, for a complete Christmas time experience. 

christmas in prage

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Galeries Lafayette’s Tree, Paris- France:

From 17th November 2019 to 6th January 2020

Paris is a Must-See for Christmas lovers. The city which is known year-round as the city of lights, justifies its name even more during the holiday season. Shops and coffee places go over the top to show off their Christmas decorating abilities and the famous Galeries Lafayette is no different. This Parisian institute is known for its Christmas themed showcases and is mostly famous for its admirable Christmas Tree.

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The Floating Christmas Tree — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

December 14th  2019 to 6th January 2020

The  Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro is home to the unique floating Christmas tree that towers to an extraordinary height of over 82 meters (270 feet).

Christmas in Brazil takes place in the middle of summer, a great time to enjoy the beaches and get into the holiday spirit in your swimsuit. No need to worry about missing the view of this tallest Christmas tree in the world while taking a dip, the lagoon where it floats sits just inland from the famous Ipanema Beach. 

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Mount Ingino Christmas tree – Gubbio, Italy:

December 7th  2019 to 6th January 2020

The city of  Gubbio in Umbria, Italy, has one of the most special Christmas trees in the world. 

The tree is actually a mountain-sized Christmas tree made from hundreds of real, live pine trees. The trees of the mountain are outfitted with an array of lights to create the stunning visual of a 610m (2,000 feet) Christmas tree covering the slope of the mountain from base to peak.

The Christmas tree is switched on by a notable figure each year (the pope in 2014) and in 2017 was switched on from space! Definitely an out of this world Christmas tree. 

[image source]



Taipei Christmas tree – Taipei, Taiwan:

While Taipei may not be a traditional Christmas destination, it sure delivers a different, unconventional holiday experience. Taipei Christmas tree, located in front of Taipei City Hall, is the centrepiece that transforms the entire area into what is known as ChristmaslandAlthough Christmas is not an official public holiday in Taiwan, that doesn’t stop its citizens from joining in on the holiday fun, as the whole City Hall plaza turns into a large playground, with the colourful toy-like tree in the middle. The Taipei Christmas tree is nothing like a classic Christmas tree, it is made of colourful neon lights matching the Plaza’s over-the-top lights and colours. 


christmas tree in taipei

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Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!


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