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Where to Travel in March


With winter almost over and the Easter tourist frenzy still nowhere in sight, March is the perfect  time to enjoy a perfect getaway. Whether you’re beach lovers or enthusiast hikers, this perfect weather month has much to offer.

We’ve put together a list of the best destinations to explore this spring opening month:



Eilat, Israel

This ever sunny city in the far south of Israel offers great summery attractions all year long. March is an opportunity to attend The Fattal Rock Festival that will take place in Eilat on March 7-9, 2019. A weekend-long festival highlighting rock music with some of Israel’s biggest rock stars the Fattal Festival is taking place for the seventh time.

Whilst staying in this beautiful city you can experience some of its unique attractions: swim with dolphins at Dolphin Reef,  explore the desert, enjoy Eilat’s sunny beaches or take a day trip to the breathtaking city of Petra in Jordan.




March is a great time to enjoy the Nordic winter attractions Iceland has to offer without the extreme weather conditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the last weeks of the main Nordic attraction of the “aurora borealis” – better known as the northern lights – which you may get to see dancing over snowy landscapes in the night sky.

Any visit to Iceland is a great time to explore the country’s beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs and lava fields.



Valencia, Spain

Visit the Casco Histórico (old city centre),  or explore the city’s solemn Gothic cathedral, walk through the Jardín del Turia or enjoy some marine life at the Oceanogràfic cutting-edge oceanarium. Breath in some different vibes at Barrio del Carmen, the youngest and most bohemian part of the city.



Fes, Morocco

This very touristic city has great attractions to offer all year round. As it is regarded as the pottery capital of morocco, a visit to one of the pottery factories is a must. Visit the royal palace with its beautiful seven gates or the Bou Inania Medersa, a beautiful building that was once a school and is one of the few religious buildings that can be entered by non-Muslims. Explore the world famous Tanneries where they colour animal skins in the traditional way and buy a rug at one of the vast flea markets in the city.



Porto, Portugal

Framed by the sea and the River Duoro, this picturesque city is a true gem for all travel lovers. March is when the Porto Interceltic Festival takes place – starting toward the end of the month performers from across Europe come to sing and strum Celtic music. The event, which began in 1986, lasts ten days and takes place all over town. 

Any time is a good time to visit the local sights: climb up the Torre dos Clérigos (Clérigos Tower) – the most iconic feature of Porto’s skyline – to enjoy a unique panorama of the city. Visit the the Church of São Francisco with its Baroque-style interior details and Gothic style architecture. Stop by the Serralves Museum and gardens to enjoy a combination of culture and natural beauty. Enjoy a glass of Port or a sangria on a terrace at Ribeira and wait for nightfall to watch the city come to life in a whole different way.


Happy Travels!


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