About us

Established over 32 years ago, Travel Blue is a world leader in travel accessories.

Our product catalogue is continually expanding, currently boasting over 200 products sold in over 110 countries…

Travel Blue was founded in 1987 in the UK in order to solve and service the needs of travellers. Back then, there were only a few solutions that provided comfort and safety. The products that did exist were basic in their design and functionality and were not well distributed in retail stores. When we realised those travel needs, we knew that there was an opportunity to improve travellers’ lives. This is when we started the Travel Blue offer of a one-stop shop for all travel needs.

We started from humble beginnings, selling and manufacturing from our home in London and today, over 30 years later, it is clear that Travel Blue is a substantial part of the travel accessories revolution and has become over time a world leader in travel accessories.

With over 200 products sold in over 110 countries and thousands of stores – including the most luxurious Airport Duty Free shops, Luggage & Bags shops, Travel and Department stores around the world, alongside Online stores and Marketplaces – all choose to carry Travel Blue’s products for its range, design and quality as one of their leading brands.

Travel Blue is still a family-owned business whose core values are Innovation, environment and social responsibility. With over 10 offices around the world, we are still able to offer the dependency and stability of a big brand while maintaining the service and personal customer support of a family business.

We listen and we are continually developing our product catalogue, making it the best, richest, widest and most versatile range of travel accessories. In the world. By supporting global warranties and 100% satisfaction guarantees, Travel Blue is reviewed for its remarkable customer support for both products and service.

We know that traveling is an inseparable part of life – whether its work or taking a leisure trip, we are as passionate about it as you are. That is why, we make the most reliable, comfortable, beautifully designed, environmentally conscious travel accessories, promising you an enhanced, relaxed and stress-free experience.


Our packaging is made out of 70-80% recycled material. The use of plastics or PVC materials in our products has also been kept down to a minimum reflecting our commitment to our Brand Social Responsibility.

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