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Green Travel: The Top 5 Most Sustainable Cities to Visit in 2024



Environmentally conscious travellers always seek new ways to express their wanderlust without compromising their principles and sustainability goals.


One of these can be choosing the right destination.


Every year, the Global Power City Index compiles data on all major cities and determines their magnetism—their ability to attract people. One of the categories they evaluate is environment. Elements such as air or water quality, greenery in urban spaces, emissions per capita, or cleanliness are considered for the final results.

And, of course, they got winners.

The following cities are the greenest the world has to offer, according to the environmental data from the Global Power City Index—and perhaps, your next destination.


1. Stockholm, Sweden


We are not discovering anything new here. Sweden—and Stockholm specifically—are notoriously eco-friendly and continue to lead the path towards complete ecological responsibility.

Stockholm has set a series of ecologically friendly measures to become entirely fossil-free and climate-positive by 2040. Although ambitious, the steps taken have so far made them pioneers. For example, the city has established Stockholm Royal Seaport as a test bed for countless eco-friendly homes powered by smart energy grids, biogas derived from food waste, and more.

Landscape-wise, the city couldn’t be greener. Over half of the municipality’s area is full of lush trees, and the city has countless nature reserves. The air is fresh, the view is gorgeous, and the visit is unforgettable.


2. Copenhagen, Denmark


To move from the 1st to the 2nd city in this list, you only need to cross the Øresund strait.

The capital city of Denmark is compromised with sustainability, as established by the CPH 2025 Climate Plan. To put things in perspective, they aimed to reduce carbon emissions by at least 20% by 2015, a goal they achieved and surpassed in 2011. Since then, the percentage of carbon emissions has continued to go down.

The government has focused on cleaning open green spaces and harbour areas, and there has been a steady investment in energy-efficient cooling and heating systems that do not rely on traditional methods.

However, Copenhagen’s most successful sustainable solution lies in its transportation. The city is notorious for investing in bike lanes, and nearly half of its citizens prefer to bike to school or work rather than using cars.


3. Helsinki, Finland


The third most environmentally welcoming city on the list is also located in Scandinavia, right next to Sweden.

Helsinki boasts of having reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 24% since 1990 despite having a much bigger population. Likewise, the GPCI summary determined Helsinki was one of the cities that boasted some of the best air quality, not in small part thanks to its lush urban greenery.

But perhaps the most eco-conscious aspect of Helsinki comes from its citizens. They have made recycling a task, a commitment, and a part of life with many innovative recycling programs and upcycling centres. It is a joy to participate, and, of course, travellers may browse through flea markets and recycling centres to find hidden jewels.


4. Sydney, Australia


Nature is no joke in Australia, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sydney stands out as one of the most sustainable cities worldwide.

The striking beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden makes it a lovely tourist spot, but it also stands out as a reputable scientific institution, highlighting the city’s respect for lush greenery. Likewise, since 2016, city operations have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 76% and increased recycling to 42%.

But Sydney is not the only green city in Australia. Melbourne has one of the most striking urban nature and green infrastructure, and its environmental sustainability plan makes it one of the leading examples to follow.


5. Vienna, Austria


Always present in any “green” metropolis ranking, Vienna stands out as a beautiful city with a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Vienna boasts eco-spaces and landscapes in over half of its space, including greening vertical surfaces and walls on its buildings and over 860 hectares of organic agriculture in three different city farms. It also has a reliable public transport network that over half of the citizens use regularly while remaining quite pedestrian-friendly.

Best part? Sustainability is a lifestyle—a thing of beauty. Vienna turned its power plants into a clean energy centre and a photogenic, artistic delight.



Found Your Next Destination?

Visiting cities with a steadfast commitment to sustainability gives you peace of mind and guarantees fresh air, beautiful greenery, and a valuable learning experience.

In many ways, it is travelling to the future—the good one! They represent the best of us. These cities are the vanguard towards a better world and set the example for many more!

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