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What is Glamping?


You’ve probably heard it, but weren’t really sure what it meant – this is what we’re here for! Glamping is a new term- a fusion of glamour and camping. It’s where nature at its best meets luxury – traditional camping but with the effortless ease and convenience of modern technology and design.

glamping nature


Though the term is relatively new, glamping has been around for centuries. Think about history books (and let’s be honest, TV shows) describing the 1500s – they’re all picturing large tents, lavish feasts and endless amounts of wine and this was not limited to the West European royalty only –  the Ottoman sultans were known for their ostentatious tents which were lavishly decorated by an army of artists.

You want to get in touch with nature without sacrificing your comfort? It is possible! Instead of campfires for cooking and heat, your glamping tent may include a microwave, stove and central heating. Instead of using a sleeping bag and sleeping mat to rest your head at night, your glamping tent might include a queen sized bed with a duvet. Instead of showering (if at all) in a public shower or with a portable shower (yes, this thing exists), your glamping tent will have a fully functional shower (at least!). Should we continue or are you already convinced?

From tree houses to safari tents, from yurts to tipis, you can find your preferred choice of glamping.

glamping tent

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