Travel in style and comfort with Travel Blue

Whether you are a frequent flier or the occasional traveller having a go-to Travel Kit already packed up takes the stress out of those long miles!

So what do you need? When travelling just remember one word… ESCAPE!  And reach your destination feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready to go!

Eye Mask – crossing over time zones can play havoc with your sleep cycle, block out that unwanted light with one of our super soft and luxurious eye masks and enjoy a good night’s sleep at any time of the day.

Security – Nowadays most credit cards and passports have contactless technology which means your data could be taken without your permission. In busy areas such as train terminals and airports it can be tough to make sure your data is safe, so take the worry out of it with our RFID Passport Cover and RFID Money Belt.

Charge Cable – There’s nothing worse than losing power halfway through your journey, we have the perfect range of cables to keep you connected whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Adaptor – We know finding the right adaptor can be tricky so we have our Adaptor Finder let us know where you are travelling from and to then we’ll do the rest.

Pillows – There’s nothing worse than trying to get some sleep but not being able to get comfortable – luckily we have a pillow solution for everyone, from our inflatable Comfi Pillow which is perfect for when space is tight, to our best selling Micro Pearls Pillow and brand new Tranquillity Pillow which both have handy popper straps so you can save bag space by attaching them directly to your luggage.

Ear Plugs – Sometimes you just want to shut the world out, either to get some sleep or maybe just really immerse yourself in the latest book. Our twin pack of reusable ear plugs come with a hard plastic case perfect to keep in your bag or pocket for easy access whenever you need them!

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