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5 New Year’s Travelling Resolutions


Nothing says new resolutions like a New Year. For us travellers a New Year is an opportunity to plan ahead and add some travel related items to your adventure bucket list.  Here are a few suggestions to add to your upcoming year’s list – travel category:


Learn a new language

Learning a new language is always a good idea and from a traveller’s perspective, learning a new language can be a door opener to those destinations you never imagined you could ever visit due to language barriers. It might also just be that language you always wished you spoke and never got around to learning because – well, life happened. There’s no time like the present and nothing says “dreams becoming a reality” like taking that first step. 

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Spend smarter when on vacation

Planning a getaway usually involves setting and managing a budget. Most of us tend to stick to that budget while planning the trip – but when plans meet reality things tend to get a bit out of control.

Spending smart doesn’t necessarily mean not treating ourselves to those little things that make us feel indulged. Smarter spending on vacation can just mean sticking to a daily expenses plan – it’ll make you feel so much better and in control of your financials, knowing that your current getaway isn’t biting into your next one. For example, understanding that getting that Sombrero for Uncle Tim might just mean not having margaritas after lunch today. Get your priorities right pe-lease.


Sleep More whilst travelling

Whether it’s plain old FOMO, or it might  be a real desire to experience your vacation to the fullest, travellers tend to not get enough sleep.

Don’t get us wrong! Sleeping more whilst travelling doesn’t mean sleeping away your very anticipated time off. It usually just means finding time to get more sleep and once doing so, enjoying better naps. Once you keep in mind that sleeping more -essentially means having better time, doing so becomes quite easy. Get on that long train ride or flight and use it to take a good quality sleep,

or add a daily 20-minute power nap to your plans to make sure you’re fully energised whilst on vacation and that you’re really recharging before getting back to your day-to-day life.


Get new luggage

We know… getting new luggage is that one thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. You’re not the only one! Most people tend to put off doing that for various reasons, from “I don’t use it that often” to “I’ll ask my mom for her old suitcase” – new luggage is usually not a priority.

As dramatic as it may sound, getting the right luggage will change the quality of your travel and even your stay. Having luggage which best suits your needs means not having to compromise on what and how you pack and on the comfort of your trip. It’s a bit like getting new shoes (and who says no to new shoes?)you can clearly visualise how it will go with your wardrobe before even paying for it. Get up and get that luggage! Give yourself a well-deserved and needed gift. Your clothes will also thank you.


Book the next vacation as soon as the current one is over

We all know that your future vacation actually starts the moment you book it. As time passes and your getaway gets closer, your daily reality,  subconsciously-, becomes nicer.  Your boss is suddenly a great person, the cashier at the supermarket seems rather pretty, even food you never liked is not that bad all of a sudden. Life seems mostly sweet when keeping in mind your next vacation is already taking shape. Leading a more positive life can sometimes require hard work. Sometimes it might just be a booking away.


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Happy New Year and Happy Travels!

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