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5 Sustainable Travel Companies to Paint Your Next Trip Green



Good news, everyone—green traveling is here to stay.

Although the transporting industry is responsible for a lot of greenhouse emissions, there’s no need to stay at home—bored and locked in—to do your part for the environment.

Sustainable tourism—and its twin sister, regenerative travel—are the key to conciliating wanderlust with ecology. But what does this mean? Simple; pack up your bags and get ready for the eco-vacation of your life!

Your starting point can be any of these sustainable travel companies—all excellent and varied options to paint your next holiday a lovely shade of eco-green.


01. Intrepid Travel.


No list of sustainable traveling is complete without discussing Intrepid Travel.

Founded over 30 years ago, they are pioneers in sustainable and responsible traveling. Intrepid stands out as the world’s largest travel B Corp—which means they have been certified as a business that exhibits transparency, social compromise, and excellent environmental performance.

This tour operator company focuses on providing escorted tours for small groups all over the world across a hundred countries. Their community-based tourism gives you an authentic experience while supporting the local people, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey.

It is worth mentioning The Intrepid Foundation—a non-profit that assists vulnerable communities worldwide.


02. Pura Aventura.


Founded by three unlikely friends yearning to help others explore the world, Pura Aventura is a UK-based company that provides holidays to numerous destinations in Latin America, Antarctica, Spain, and Portugal.

Its name indicates a focus on adventures—mountain hikes, coastal strolls, or road trips across emblematic sights. Nonetheless, it is also a luxurious and family-friendly company that guarantees high-quality experiences with a strong local flavor.

Their tagline? Travel Positive. Whether you wish to know the people in Andalucía or explore Colombia’s hidden natural wonders, Pura Aventura works directly with local partners, which ensures fair wages and increases income in rural areas.

Likewise, Pura Aventura is a certified B Corp. Their compromise is to carbon compensate each kilometer you travel with them by a mile. Do the math—that’s 160% of the trip’s carbon emission!


03. Seacology.


In the 80s, a Samoan rainforest was scheduled to be cut down to procure funds for a new school. Noticing the importance of the project and the rainforest, ethnobotanist Paul Alan Cox struck a deal to spare the forest if he could procure the funds for the school. He did.

Thus began Seacology, a non-profit aiming to protect the ecosystem of islands worldwide. Eventually, Seacology Expeditions came to be.

You will stay in gorgeous resorts, visit the world’s most beautiful islands, and, depending on your destination, engage in fun activities such as scuba diving or hiking.

However, not everything is basking under the sun. By traveling with Seacology, you can reconcile luxurious relaxations with positive action—the essence of ecotourism. Each expedition has a set destination and a project, ensuring you can change the world by day and sip your piña colada at night.


04. Black Tomato.


Although combining traveling with sustainable work is an excellent and commendable activity, sometimes you just want to relax. We get it—a vacation focusing on relaxation and joy is just as important.

Enter Black Tomato, a company aiming to create a perfectly luxurious traveling event that stands out in its refreshing uniqueness. Families can travel to destinations and mimic classic children’s stories with Take Me on a Story, or live a cinematic experience that puts you in the shoes of one Bond, James Bond.

But by far, the best Black Tomato has to offer is its sustainability compromise. Their carbon offsetting compromise is clear—they calculate their corporate emissions and support a specific offset project accordingly. As such, they invest in wind farms in India, reforestation projects in Panama, and more.


05. Byway.


We have already established that the transport industry is one of the leaders regarding greenhouse emissions—and a very significant portion of it comes from planes.

So, what if we ditched the planes altogether?

Byway is a certified B corporation that provides flight-free vacations and tours in the UK and Europe. Each journey is entirely customized with the help of experts, highlighting hidden gems and other charming spots no one may know about.

Transport options include train, boat, bus, bike, or on foot—guaranteeing minimal climate impact and maximum picturesque countryside photos.


Eco-Traveling is the Present and the Future.


Is it easy to be green? It is most likely more accessible than ever, and these companies prove it—even if Kermit disagrees.

Have you tried any? How can travel companies improve their environmental practices? Let us know your ideas!




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