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Pros of solo travel- To inspire the female traveller!


Women have travelled alone for a long time. And it’s now becoming a viral trend with more access to information, brand’s statistics, holiday offers and, of course, social media. Influencers are promoting the solo travel trip to free us from society’s rules and to encourage women to follow their dreams.

Whether it’s for self-discovery and independence or just the urge to try something new, more and more women are feeling emboldened to travel solo. A recent report from found that 72% of American women have embraced solo travel. It’s important to also note that just because there are more women travelling alone it doesn’t mean they’re single. The survey also revealed that 65% of US women have opted to take a vacation without their partner. So, whether it’s to embrace that carpe diem attitude or even out of necessity, we’ve compiled a list of 7 advantages for travelling solo to inspire the new female traveller. YOLO GIRL!


Self-Esteem Boost!

It does wonders for your self-esteem.  We all know it’s sometimes a bit difficult to move away from our comfort zone. But the adrenaline rush that’s obtained from taking your first trip alone and realizing that you can do it, is just incredible. You’ll feel like a new person after this experience. 


Finding the Independence That Had Always Been There

The idea of encountering a difficult situation in a new place can be intimidating. But the only way to learn how to handle these situations is by experiencing them. And PS- you will get through it. And once you see that you’re capable of handling these potential situations during your travels you begin to understand that you can handle these things in life by yourself as well.


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“Zen Slap”

Sometimes we’ve got a lot going on and need a change of scenery, travelling solo can give you that “Zen Slap” you need, helping to clear your mind if you’ve been feeling out of sorts or if you have to make up your mind about a big, life-changing, decision. 


Meet New People

When you travel with someone you’re a lot less likely to branch out, but travelling alone can help you meet new people, get out of your comfort zone and experience life in a different way. It’s great to overcome obstacles and the fear of travelling alone because you’ll see you are never alone. Travelling friendships last a lifetime. 


Less Expensive $$

Of course one of the biggest benefits of travelling alone is that it can be cheaper and this will be one less extra stressor. No more compromises.  


Try New Things Free of Judgement

When you’re on your own in a new place you’ll probably end up trying new things you wouldn’t normally do in the presence of your usual company. This, of course, extends to ordering as much food as you want because no ones there to make you feel ashamed after the fact. Perhaps, not the most cost-effective decision as mentioned before but the point is that you can do it!


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This last one is cliche but so true. You’ll have once in a lifetime experiences, you can tell your friends and family about, or even just cherish them from yourself. But truthfully nothing will keep your heart fuller than the memories you created along your travels. They’re free of charge and you’ll get to keep them forever. 


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Happy solo travels!


[images source: Daria Obymaha]

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