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Top 5 Unique Romantic Weekend Getaways


Want to celebrate the new year or an anniversary with your beloved? Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you don’t know where to take your globe-trotting better half? Getting ready to pop the question? Look no further than the top 5 unique romantic weekend getaways in the travel guide below. Although, you don’t need an excuse to travel, do you?

Many travel agencies offer classic trips for couples – Paris or Rome, a cruise or something more exotic -Bali or Thailand. If you’ve already experienced these places with the one you love and 2020 is about experiencing something new or different, the hidden gems below will definitely make your holiday a memorable one.


#1 New Orleans | Louisiana – for the party couple

If you want to have fun with your partner, then New Orleans is what you need. Some might propose Ibiza or Las Vegas, but this city has everything – food, history, welcoming people and vintage architecture will keep you busy during the day. Then the bars invite you to party the night away. There are a lot of wonders in this city that will definitely make you want to expand your trip.

Taking romance to a whole new level! [image source: Almost_Pale]


#2 Yoron Island | Japan – for the exotic couple

If you want to discover a place that isn’t yet packed with tourists and Instagram influencers, this secret island is for you. It’s a great alternative if you’ve already seen a lot of the world. You can enjoy a big city like Okinawa and then visit this Southern paradise that is full of sandy beaches and adventurer-worthy reefs for the weekend.

OK, it this heaven? [image source: yorontou]


#3 Sabi Sand | South Africa – for the freedom-seeking couple

If you want something adventurous to keep you on your toes, go on a safari or something “close”, like a luxury resort with lodges and camps in Sabi Sand. The wildlife will keep you excited and the amenities will relax you. You might want to dedicate more than 2-3 days for this trip, but you can also sweep your darling off her feet with a fast trip and a proposal on Valentine’s Day here. It will be memorable!

“SHHH! I think he’s going to propose!” [image source: LionMountain]


#4 Reykjavik | Island – for the European couple

If Europe is on your mind, there’s a big trend these days with Reykjavik and its surroundings. The nature there is breathtaking and you can enjoy the big city life or the Blue Lagoon, but also rent a car and stay in hotels that are built into mountains. A weekend is all you need. You can also make it a pit stop before a relaxing holiday somewhere hot. Hot and cold, now that’s a trip worth telling stories many years from now on!

What will today be like? Urban strolling or nature-trip day? [image source: NextVoyage]


#5 The Cyclades | Greece – for everybody

If you’re looking to enjoy good weather and relax your bones at the end of winter, then Greece is for you. There are many options for all budget ranges, from luxury places in Oia in Santorini or Mykonos, to more affordable ones, and less crowded, like islands Paros and Antiparos. This time of the year prices are great whatever you choose. Eat amazing food, take an afternoon stroll, recharge and rekindle the flame.

We can totally see ourselves here. [image source: Pixabay]


Happy & Romantic Travels!

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