Travel Tips

Top Travel Hacks You Have to Know


These travel hacks might surprise even the most experienced world travellers and you will want to start using them on your next trip!



Clear cookies and search history for cheaper fares:

Many travel experts have reported that airlines and booking engines are using cookies to potentially raise airfares on routes that you have searched often. So if you are researching an upcoming trip from A to B and you have checked airfares on the route frequently in recent days or weeks, the site “knows” you really want these fares, and “guesses” that you might be willing to pay a bit more for them. Either do your research on an incognito browser mode, or clear site cookies.


Pick the security line that’s all the way to the left:

Research has found that because most people are right handed, they gravitate towards the right, leaving security lines on the left with fewer people.


Put the heaviest items at the bottom of your bag to keep it balanced:

As basic as it may seem we usually forget to do that… We all know how annoying it is to roll around  an uneven suitcase, but still we keep stuffing that washbag on top of everything else, although we know that IS NOT where it should be.


Download your airline app for paper free travel:

Come on, it’s 2019! Paper free travelling is the first step towards stress-free travelling (not to mention the benefits to the environment). Most airlines have apps where you can view your boarding pass, download it to your phone if needed, get live updates regarding your flight and view your booking details.



Treat yourself to a lounge pass:

Most airport lounges sell day passes and others aren’t affiliated with airlines at all. While these passes can be pricey (though buying them online in advance is usually a lot cheaper), if you have a lot of time to kill you might end up saving money, since access to the lounge includes WiFi and food – both of which are expensive at airports. Be sure to check your credit card providers’ website for airport lounges benefits and deals.


Bring a pillowcase:

Pack a pillowcase in your carry-on luggage, then stuff it with your jacket or clothes to get a full-sized pillow when needed. You also double the hack by saving room in your checked baggage.


Find WiFi passwords on FourSquare:

FourSquare is a website/app where people share tips, ratings and reviews on places to go near you (restaurants, cafes, bars, etc). Though its glory days have passed, it still has some great features and information, such as the “Tips” section where people can leave helpful recommendations for others. Among other tips, there’s an entire section for WiFi passwords for places.


Take a picture of your documents:

Take a snap or make a copy of your important travel documents and email it to yourself, just in case your luggage gets lost, or (god forbid) you lose the original. If you are one of those people who tend to misplace their mobile phone, you might also consider emailing a copy to a friend.


Take a snap of where you parked your car before entering the airport:

You’ll be so happy you did that when you return from your trip!



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