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48 Hours in Cannes


Cannes has become synonymous with luxurious vacations. If you are searching for a taste of the Good Life, Cannes is definitely your next destination. We have put together the perfect list of “musts” for a 48 hour getaway to this gem on the French Riviera:



A breakfast to remember

Skipping the hotel breakfast is easy when the city has such great alternatives. From a classic American breakfast to a local crepe stand, Cannes has a great variety of coffee shops and restaurants offering great breakfasts and brunches:

The Bagel Café, commonly known as The Bagel, it is one of the popular places in town, mostly known for its homemade cakes and cookies.

Lenôtre Cannes, is the local branch of the Parisian established institute specialising in pastry and cakes. The best place in town for a taste of classic French pastries.

[image source]


Noisette Café et Cuisine, offers Italian style breakfasts and is also a great place to have a brunch. The café makes its own homemade pasta and also sells olive oil and other Italian goodies.

If you are more into “pastries-on-the-go” try out Boulangerie Jean-Luc Pelé, for some great bread and baked goods.


Marché Forville Market:

Start off your day at the local markets, they offer fresh fruit and pastries that will leave no extra need for an official breakfast. Marché Forville, Cannes’ large covered market, is located near its famous La Croisette boardwalk right at the foot of the ancient neighbourhood of Le Suquet. The market offers the best local produce, seasonal fruit, vegetables, fish and many handmade local delicacies. 

5–11 rue Marché Forville, Cannes

Opening hours: Tues–Sun, 7am–1pm. Closed Mondays.

[image source]



Green Forests, Monks and Wine  

Take a boat trip to visit the four islands creating the beautiful archipelago of Îles de Lérins just a 15 minute boat ride away from the city centre. Apart from beautiful raw green forests and significantly less crowded beaches, the islands are also home to some of the Riviera’s most impressive fortresses. The one on the Île Saint-Honorat is the Lérins Abbey, whose monks have been producing wine for centuries.

Take a walk on the wild beach, wander around the beautiful fortress and try the local wine. Just don’t expect to engage in a lively conversation, since the monks here have all taken a vow of silence. 

[image source]


The cobbled streets of the Old Town

Start at the old port, where the statue of the “Mermaid Atlante” stands, to remind by passers to care for the marine life.  

Head uphill to the old part of town, to the Quartier of Le Suquet, where most of the city was previously situated, before it grew and spread into the bay. Visit the local galleries and art shops, walk through the Instagramable old streets and enjoy the beautiful views at one of the local coffee places overlooking the bay. 



Take a cooking class

Find a cooking class at the city centre,  La Serviette Blanche is just the place for you to enjoy both an active part in learning how to make some local dishes and actually having those (chef supervised) dishes for dinner. 


Hit the beach 

Take a walk on Cannes’ famous beach strip. If the weather allows, put on your bathing suit and enjoy the Cote d’azur sun. 


Meet a Local

Discover the city in a different way: Enjoy a walk around town with a local. Visit Cannes Greeters to find out how you can experience Cannes as a Cannes native. 

cannes greeters [image source]



Wine & Dine

Splurge at a Michelin Star restaurant such as  Le Park 45, or get the most out of your Euro at a local Food-stand, or a more simple eatery like the Le Troquet à Soupes. With Cannes’ culinary scene you can hardly go wrong. Avoid the tourist traps and you’re bound to enjoy a great dinner at one of the most beautiful towns in the world.


It’s always the right time for cocktails

Experiencing Cannes’ nightlife is a must! The local bars offer a wonderful selection of local and foreign wines and some great cocktails and finger food to enjoy with your drinks. For dinner and drinks with a view visit Le Roof or  Zoa Bar. For later cocktails head to Bar Lalu, or the Brown Sugar bar.


On the weekends you can also enjoy some “over the top” parties at the local venues (check out for availability since some of the places are closed for winter).

If you are having a hard time going to sleep after your “night out on the town”, go down to the beach for a walk or a night swim or head to the only place in town which will surely stay open after midnight… The Casino (but remember not to get carried away and set yourself a firm limit before you go!!).


Enjoy Cannes!



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